Pro Wash Auto Spa launched their new sophisticated site in April 2015. The site originally consisted of great content but needed better design direction. With an updated logo done by Sara Mauk, the website takes on a new sleek look.

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure, Laura! My new logo and website are exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. My business has expanded tremendously since I opened and I really needed my logo and site to represent the growth and to target the diverse customers we serve. My new logo and site are so sleek and modern, and you grasped every concept I was going for even when I felt like I was having a hard time communicating them to you. I really appreciate your patience with me when I was developing and changing the content (as you know how difficult that can be). You hit the mark on everything! I am so pleased with the outcome and am excited to have you as the host of my site. Thank you for everything! – Rodney Rembert Owner