KAUAI ACTIVITIESThere is a lot to do in Kauai, we only had one weekend so we tried to fit in as much activity and relaxation as possible!

Helicopter Ride

YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! There isn't a better way to see Kauai then by helicopter. Mauna Loa Helicopters is a private helicopter company that fly's with only 4 seats. A lot of the other companies will loaded 6-8 people in the helicopter.

Kalalau Trail

This is a beautiful hike! We did the 2 mile hike to Hanakapei Beach, the beach and views along the way were well worth it. It was a little bit muddy but a fairly moderate hike. There are also longer hikes available up to 11 miles, normally takes a full day. There is a really nice view at the beginning of the trail about .25 miles up, well worth the small hike. The snorkeling at the base of this trail is supposed to be fantastic, the waves were too strong from the tsunami so we weren't able to snorkel there.