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About the Apartment1676 Ala Moana Boulevard Apt 603



The apartment is in a great location, beautiful view of the marina.

There are tons of beach items, a surf board and plenty of beach towels. Make sure to check out the closets before you purchase anything. Also check the kitchen cabinets, most everyday items are already there.

You do receive some of the lower TV channels in case you have any important TV shows to watch. If you are there during football season, be prepared to wake up at 6AM Saturday mornings to watch your favorite team. There is a small pool {lose the sun around 1:15PM}, there is also a grill.


There are lots of options for grocery shopping. The ABC Store on the corner of Hobron works just fine, there is a better shop called the Food Pantry also on Hobron that has a better selection. Foodland is a good option there are two within a mile, one in Ala Moana Center. It is a little confusing to get to, it is on the first floor on the outside of the mall. For your visit initial trip I would suggest going to Walmart. Things can get expensive this will help the damage. Costco and Sam's Club has the best local seafood on the island. We cooked a shrimp pasta that was fantastic!


Shopping is amazing on Oahu. Ala Moana Mall is right across the street. There are a lot of great shops right in the middle of Waikiki. Also be sure to check out the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet for local gifts to take home. It is Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ward Center is just a little bit further down from Ala Moana also has some nice shops and TJ Maxx. Ladies if you are in need of nail care or waxing there is a great cheap place behind the Shirokiya market called Nails L'Mour on the outside of the mall.


For the avid iPhone users, we suggest downloading the Trip It App. You can easily organize all of your trip confirmations and plans in one easy app. There is also a web version which is easily used. Once you receive your confirmations from all of your hotels, flights, etc. all you need to do is forward your confirmation email to the Trip It email and it will automatically set up your information for you. Note that it will pull all well known companies confirmations. You can view our trip HERE.


We suggest using PRICELINE, for all of your car rental deals. Be sure to negotiate your price for as low as possible. You would be surprised what you can get. ALWAYS ask for an upgrade, its shocking how easily car rental companies can be persuaded. Also check out Kayak if you don't have luck with Priceline.


Local airlines are Hawaiian and Go Mesa. The prop plane airlines are Mokulele. For those who don't like to fly we suggest to get on Hawaiian or Go Airlines, Mokulele planes only hold around 8-9 people. Best to see the islands this way, a lot of people actually just fly these planes to see the islands rather than shelling out for the helicopter rides.


The 1676 Ala Moana Boulevard will put you at the front of the apartment. If you type in 1500 Ala Wai Boulevard, that will put you on the back side where you will park and enter the building.

Living Room

Bed Room

Bed Room

The bedroom closer to the front door is the coolest, if you have no guests coming we suggest putting both beds in there to stay cool.