We suggest using PRICELINE, for all of your car rental deals. Be sure to negotiate your price for as low as possible. You would be surprised what you can get. ALWAYS ask for an upgrade, its shocking how easily car rental companies can be persuaded.


If there is a time that you do not have a car rental, a cab to the apartment is around $50-60 one way. You can try Speedi Shuttle, they are a better deal, $50-60 round trip. They also have a bus route you could take too {we did not take this route}. Depending on your trip, if its just one day or two, consider getting a car rental, it may be a cheaper option.


Getting around is easiest by walking, by the time you take a cab or the bus you would get there in the same amount of time by walking. A cab down to the heart of Waikiki is around $8, the bus is $2.50. It is a mile walk to Lewers Street {our favorite spots}. We suggest walking until you get sick of walking down there. You can walk down the whole beach to Waikiki, there are some areas of the beach you will have to walk in the sand, otherwise there is a path.


There are tons of hotel options for friends and family nearby. The Hawaii Prince Hotel is directly in front of the apartment. If you are looking for a cheap option in Waikiki check out the Ohana East. It was a great location and inexpensive for where you are.