OAHU ACTIVITIESOur top Oahu Activities!

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is an amazing site to see. Do the audio tour to walk you around the memorial. Also purchase tickets to go to the Arizona Memorial. We went to the Missouri Battleship which was also a great site. Best to go as early as possible, it is constantly busy.

Mariner's Ridge

This hike is beautiful with both views of Lanakai and Waikiki beaches. Its a fairly easy hike, not government run so it will say no trespassing. Well worth the trip. Park at the top of Kaluanui Rd.

Diamond Head Crater Hike

This is a beautiful quick hike! Only 0.8 miles and very easy, short to get to the top. You will have amazing views of the Ocean, Waikiki and the rest of Honolulu, completely worth it. One of my favorite parts, the end with my first Hawaiian Ice! $5 to park, 10 minute drive from the apartment.

Manoa Falls Hike

This is also a quick beautiful hike, 0.8 miles, about a 15 minute drive from the apartment, $5 to park. It was extremely muddy while we were hiking, I fell only once with mud on my hand. Jeff and Raven hiked this pouring the rain and the fall was beautifully full at the end. We did both this hike and Diamond Head in the same day.

Lanikai Beach

The least populated beach on Oahu, very private and extremely relaxing. We didn't have time to do the Pillbox Hike there but others would highly suggest it.

Halona Blow Hole

North Shore

The waves here are amazing! Make sure to check out Waimea Beach Park where you can rock jump. Also drive a little further down to the Turtle Bay Resort for the Sunset. Craving Hawaiian ice? go to Matsumoto's!


Friday Night Fireworks

Every Friday night on Waikiki the Hilton Hawaiian Village let's off fireworks right after sunset. Go in front the Outrigger Reef Hotel there is a small pier with rocks great for viewing the fireworks

Hanauma Bay Snorkel

This is a beautiful place to snorkel on Oahu. It is extremely crowded but worth the trip.