MAUI ACTIVITIESEasily spend a couple of days here. A lot of things to do and explore!

Haleakala Sunrise

This is absolutely beautiful! A long trek, early rise but is completely worth it. We had to leave the Grand Wailea at 3:30AM to get there on time for a 6:30AM Sunrise. You can also view the Sunset here. It is very cold and windy up here so bring blankets, jackets, ponchos, etc. *We would suggest not doing this and the Road to Hana all in one day. It makes for a very long venture.

Road to Hana

This is an all day road trip to the town of Hana. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to make it all the way to Hana but we were able to do a little over half. We downloaded the Maui GPS Guide Application for our iPhone. You can download specific guides for different parts of Maui. It helps explain all of the main stops on the Road to Hana plus it also tells you where not to stop. You will want to rent a convertible or a jeep to fully enjoy the scenery. Remember to not leave the top down when you go check out a waterfall like we did. We raced back to our car as we did a small hike to one of the waterfalls to soaking wet seats in our jeep. Made for a soggy rest of Road to Hana.

Grand Wailea Spa

Ladies if you want to splurge on a spa treatment, this is the place to do it. This is the most amazing spa I have ever been to. You check in an hour before your treatment. There are three different rooms with pools that you will soak yourself in. Starting with the complimentary exfoliation you will dip into the hot tub. Then your choice of dry or wet steam saunas. From there you will enter the Japanese bath where you can shave Japanese style or dip yourself in the Japanese hot and cold bath. The next room has 3 steps, you pick a salt bath, there are 6 options to choose from that are all different types of salts and fruits to soak in. You can soak in them all if you so choose. Then you step into a long water fall shower that will massage your shoulders and back. After that you enter the shower that has 100 different nausels that will rinse you off. Needless to say the massage was an added bonus! A must visit spa! Images Grand Wailea

Grand Wailea Pool

Even if you are not staying at the Grand Wailea, you MUST go to the pool. There were numerous pools, adult pool, children's beach pool, a lazy river and also slides. We grownups thoroughly enjoyed the slides as much as the children. It also has the only water elevator in the world. It cost one million dollars to build. The pool is also a perfect spot to watch the beautiful Maui sunsets. If you do go to the pool make sure you go see Richie in the Grotto Pool bar, best place to swim up and relax. They have a TV down there to watch sports too. Richie's wife is one of the managers at Mama's Fish House in Pa'ia, he will hook you up with a reservation. Images Grand Wailea